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This SACEM (ASCAP) composer and world-class performer has delighted audiences in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the United States. His masterful renditions of Jazz, Standars, authenthic French Musette, Classical, Pop and legitimate Show Tunes on the accordion and piano has earned Norbert Slama the personal admiration and invitations of celebrities like Edith Piaf, Elizabeth Taylor, Chuck Mangione, Aristotle Onasis, Pablo Picasso, Edith Piaf, Walter Mondale, Eva Gabor, Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich, Johnny Weissmuller, Enrico Crolla, John Roosevelt. He even composed the theme song for the Middle-East peace talks entitled "Shalom/Salaam" in the 1980's.

Notable Performances

Play Swing Musette

Norbert Slama

Accordionist Norbert Slama cut his musical teeth as a youth in post-World II Paris. This recording showcases his mastery of bal mussette and Gypsy swing, ala Django Reinhardt, Mussette is a waltz style that became popular in France in the early Twentieth Century. Gypsy jazz was the result of musicians who came up playing mussette and other styles in the French gypsy tradition becoming interested in American jazz in the 1930s.

Slama shows his mastery of the accordion in the tradition of Gus Viseur and Jo Privat, two great French accordionists who came to prominence in the 1930s and 1940s, fusing the waltz style with swing. The recording features some of their compositions, and well as swing tunes by Reinhardt, and a Slama original.

Track samples from Play Swing Musette

Play Swing Musette

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Douce Ambiance
La Valse A Margot
Un Dimanche A La Provence
Swing Guitare
Douce Joie


The strange rhythmic pulses used in the place of a human drummer in these songs come from outer space, about 15,000 light-years away. Each of these pulses is emitted by a pulsar, a star that was once massive in size, 4 to 7 times the size of our sun, and which burned out and collapsed reducing it to perimeps 10 miles in diameter. Due to the incredible developments of radio astronomy, which moniters the sounds of space, we are able to detect and amplify these murmurs from outerspace thousands of years after they are emitted by the rotating star

Bob Sickels is an astronomer who operates and builds radio telescopes for both professional and amateur astronomers which have been sold all over the world, including the the prestigious school of physics, the Max Plank Intituts Für Astronomie, Bonn, Germany. Bob is an enthusiastic scientist who has the ability to share technical realities in a manner that makes them both captivating and enlightening for his layman friends

Bob shared the pular recordings with one of these friends, Norbert Slama, a prolific songwriter who has toured as a musician and bandleader throughout the world. Born in Algiers, Norbert has performed throughout Europe, North Africa, the Caribbean and the United States. Having journeyed through so many musical cultures he was naturally tempted by the discovery of this new world of outerspace sounds

In these fascinating recording, Norbert's musical compositions are joined by the "drummer from outerspace", performed on side one, "Pulsar", by pulsar 083-45 and on side two, "New World", by pulsar 0329+54.

Track samples from Pulsar

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Pulsar sound from radio telescope

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